Must-have Wardrobe Staples for Working Men
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While it seems more effortless for men to dress up for work, it is still important for them to work on their corporate outfit everyday. Unlike women, men can't put flashy accessories and jeweleries as well as makeup to look better. However, some pieces of clothing are enough to make men look more presentable and professional. As a guide, here are some of the best work clothes that every man should own. 

Tailored Suits

Any man would look smart and professional with a suit. If you want to exude power and authority, a three-piece suit is the best for you. Not only does it have a distinctive style but it can also turn you into a fashionable corporate guy. The jacket and vest should be worn or removed together not unless you want people to mistake you for a magician. The suit, vest and shirt should alsobgo well together and fit your body perfectly. A tailored three-piece suit will make you feel comfortable so you can move freely without compromising your style. n. A two-piece suit, on the other hand, is more common among working men. It is less formal than the three-piece suit but is very appealing and actually more comfortable. Through color and patterns, you can mix and match your jacket with shirts and trousers creatively. 

Custom Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are part of every guy's outfit. Plain colors are professional and neat but they can ee boring, too. Thus, only wear plain-colored shirt as undershirt. White shirts work well with suit jacket and trench coat. They are also great for more formal occasions like meetings and company events but for regular days at the office, you may want a variety including light blue dress shirt and striped dress shirt. However, it is much better if your dress shirt is customized by a tailor. This way, you are sure that you're wearing dress shirts that perfectly suit your body type, style and other preferences. 


Neckties are working men's best friend. Without them, suits and dress shirts will look plain and dull. This is why you have to make good use of this amazing piece of clothing. Plain neckties, like plain dress shirts are safe but they also look boring. Don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone; try different colors and patterns of neckties. You can try dotted or striped ones as long as they complement your shirt and trousers well. Moreover, take time to learn various strategies of tying to achieve a different look every now and then. 

Comfy Trousers

Apparently, you can't go to work wearing shorts so you need trousers to polish your overall outfit. Some men prefer wearing tight slacks to emphasize their lower body but more than pleasing anyone, you have to feel comfortable with what you are wearing so you can move faster and do your tasks well. Hence, have your trousers tailored so  you can ask for adjustments. In terms of color, navy and khaki are the most common so you may want to try other hues. For casual days, opt for green or brown shade while and for more formal events, you may pick charcoal gray trousers.