Smart Tips for a Budget-friendly Corporate Fashion
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"Dressing to impress" may mean you have to spend much money on corporate clothes. There are lots of clothing items to buy so you can dress for work according to your style. However, this also means hurting your wallet. If you want to showcase you own fashion, you actually don't have to spend too much on work clothes. Keep your corporate fashion on budget through these tips.

Starter Wardrobe

To look good at work, you don't really have to buy expensive clothes especially if you're on a budget. Keep it simple at first and only buy work clothes that you need. Some of the clothing staples you need for your starter wardrobe include black suit, fitted jacket, black dress, silk blouse, buttoned-up shirts, custom dress shirts, pencil skirt, long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts, cardigan, denim and khakis. These are the basic work clothes that you may need though  you don't have to buy everything. Just make sure you have those that fit your company's dress code. If your company requires business attire, focus on budget-friendly suits, corporate dresses,  blazers and slacks. If your working environment is more casual, you may want to buy more affordable shirts and dark jeans. 

Neutral Colors

When shopping for work clothes, always choose neutral colors especially when it comes to suits and trousers. Clothes with neutral colors are apparently not cheaper with bright-colored ones but they can help you save money. Clothes with neutral colors like black and gray are easy to pair with almost anything. They are safe, smart and they look professional. Choosing neutral-colored clothes will save you from buying different colors of each clothing staple. They will also help you save time when you are in a rush since you won't have problems complementing your clothes. 


Even you pick neutral colors, your overall outfit won't be dull with accessories. Accessories can spruce up your corporate fashion and will make you look elegant and stylish. Nobody will think you're wearing inexpensive work clothes if you know how to use accessories properly. Ties are very important for men while limited jewelries should be worn by women. Such accessories don't need to be expensive, too. Buy different versions of accessories you like in various colors and patterns to add variety and creativity to your corporate wardrobe. Don't spend too much on basic clothes and small accessories but make sure to invest in quality bags and shoes since they have a big impact on your overall attire. 

Personalized Look

Even you're on a budget, you can still create a personalized look. You can still choose your clothes and accessories based on your personal preferences while keeping an eye on your budget. Though it may seem costly, have your clothes tailored. Apart from having the exact measurement and style you want, they are likely to last longer than clothes you buy in shopping malls or online stores. Invest on high quality tailored clothes at first and start choosing more budget-friendly pieces later.