How to Land the Job you Want: Dressing for Interviews
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Job interviews will make you anxious about the questions the interviewer may throw at you but it will also make you worried about the clothes you're going to wear on that "big day." While employers will not hire you based on what you wear or how you look physically, it is important to dress appropriately. If you're new to the world of corporate fashion, here's a guide on how to dress for job interviews.

Classic or Conservative Style

Your clothes will add up to the impression you will make on the interview so it is really important to dress professionally regardless of the position you are applying for. For beginners, the conservative style is the most ideal since this is the safest to wear. It is okay to look basic on your first job interview so a conservative suit will do the work for you. Make sure to wear appropriate jewelry such as an elegant necklace. Men can bring a briefcase while women can simply go with a purse. It is important to maintain your elegance and stylishness while still sticking to the conservative style. 

Startup or Casual Style

Some companies don't actually mind if their workers don't dress too formal as long as they are doing their job well. If you're aspiring to work for a company like this, you should choose the startup style. However, it doesn't mean you should dress like its employees who only wear t-shirts and jeans. No matter what the company's culture is, it is still a job interview and you have to please your interviewer. Hence, wear something casual yet professional like a casual dress and for men, a sweater or shirt with blazer. A pair of dark jeans for both men and women is also okay as long as the top has a professional touch. 

Non-Professional or Business Casual Style

Business casual attire is what most people wear in the workplace. If the company does not require professional business attire, it is fine to show up in the interview with a business casual style. Men can simply wear khakis or cotton pants and  long-sleeved shirts or polo shirts. Nonetheless, they should wear belt and leather shoes to look more professional. Ties are optional but they are good option if you want to create a good physical impression. Women can wear neatly pressed skirts or cotton  and knit shirts, sweaters or cardigans. It is very important for women to wear even a single jewelry like earrings, necklace or bangle. They will add up to your overall sophistication and are likely to impress interviewers. 

Professional or Business Style

When you are applying for large corporations and international companies, it is important to look very professional so this time you have to wear business attire. For women, solid color is better than bright one. They can wear conservative suit with appropriate blouse, shoes, pantyhose and jewelry. Women should look neat; hair should look professional and nails should be manicured. However, they should put little make up and no perfume if possible. A portfolio or briefcase at hand will also look impressive for interviewers. Men should also choose solid color and wear long-sleeved shirt, conservative suit and tie, black socks and corporate shoes.